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This part took me awhile! Next, glue the lined paper around the box. Now cut the fur to match the shape of the box. You should have one long piece that wraps around the box, leaving the sides and the front uncovered.

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Open the trap door and trace around it with the sharpie. Cut the three sides but but leave the side closest to the box intact. Hot glue the fur to the box. I was going to add something to hold it closed but found that once I pushed it shut, it stayed closed unless I pulled it back open.

Since you really only need to open it once, that worked just fine. Trim the fur along the bottom if necessary. I left just enough along the bottom to fold it up slightly and glue it to the box. Position the cardboard piece on top of the box.

Valentine's Day Monster serial killer Bartolomeo Gagliano is recaptured in France

Pull the fur back on the Monster Book Of Monsters I placed scissors on top to hold it in place and slide the cardboard piece underneath. I glued the back piece first, made sure it was positioned how I wanted it, then glued the rest of the cardboard to the top of the box. Once the glue is dry, fluff the fur to cover where you glued the top piece on.

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Pull down the fur on the sides and glue. Once that glue has dried, blend the pieces of fur together so it looks like part of the monster. I had to go a little rogue here.

Monster Valentine Card Box and Monster Valentine Card with Cricut Maker - Frog Prince Paperie

Instead I used these green glass pieces the kind you use for filling jars and other home decor projects. I drew diamonds in the middle with Sharpie and glued to black foam paper. Read More…. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

Pom Pom Valentine Craft Monsters

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This Monster Valentine Box is the perfect card holder, plus you can create yours in a variety of ways with these printables! If you have a little girl she might love this magical Unicorn Valentine Box.

Free Printable Valentines – Monster Themed!

Still looking for more? No worries we have found loads of Valentine Boxes for you. Once all the sides have been traced, cut each of them out. Depending on what size box you use, you may need to trim the teeth on the edges.