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Online Homework Help. Get More Help. More About Online Learning. Earn Your High School Diploma. His hands too are often in motion making small but decisive gestures to emphasize a point, or to indicate a shift of direction in his thinking. He alternates between leaning forward towards his listener, and sitting far back with his legs crossed when speaking reflectively. The problem is that the moment you know the interview is being taped, your attitude changes. In my case I immediately take a defensive attitude. The best way, I feel, is to have a long conversation without the journalist taking any notes.

Then afterward he should reminisce about the conversation and write it down as an impression of what he felt, not necessarily using the exact words expressed. Another useful method is to take notes and then interpret them with a certain loyalty to the person interviewed. What ticks you off about the tape recording everything is that it is not loyal to the person who is being interviewed, because it even records and remembers when you make an ass of yourself. Well, you make me feel a little guilty using it, but I think for this kind of an interview we probably need it.

As a journalist, I never use it.

Spanish literature

I have a very good tape recorder, but I just use it to listen to music. The sailor would just tell me his adventures and I would rewrite them trying to use his own words and in the first person, as if he were the one who was writing. When the work was published as a serial in a newspaper, one part each day for two weeks, it was signed by the sailor, not by me.

Do you do it with a different feel or a different eye? Besides, I had to condition my thoughts and ideas to the interests of the newspaper. Now, after having worked as a novelist, and having achieved financial independence as a novelist, I can really choose the themes that interest me and correspond to my ideas. In any case, I always very much enjoy the chance of doing a great piece of journalism. There are many, and several I have in fact written. I have written about Portugal, Cuba, Angola, and Vietnam. I would very much like to write on Poland.

I think if I could describe exactly what is now going on, it would be a very important story. The sources are the same, the material is the same, the resources and the language are the same. Do the journalist and the novelist have different responsibilities in balancing truth versus the imagination? In journalism just one fact that is false prejudices the entire work. In contrast, in fiction one single fact that is true gives legitimacy to the entire work. A novelist can do anything he wants so long as he makes people believe in it. In interviews a few years ago, you seemed to look back on being a journalist with awe at how much faster you were then.

I do find it harder to write now than before, both novels and journalism. Then at night, after everyone had gone home, I would stay behind writing my novels. I liked the noise of the Linotype machines, which sounded like rain. Now, the output is comparatively small. Does this change come from your works being so highly praised or from some kind of political commitment?

By drawing. By drawing cartoons. Before I could read or write I used to draw comics at school and at home. The funny thing is that I now realize that when I was in high school I had the reputation of being a writer, though I never in fact wrote anything. If there was a pamphlet to be written or a letter of petition, I was the one to do it because I was supposedly the writer.

When I entered college I happened to have a very good literary background in general, considerably above the average of my friends. One night a friend lent me a book of short stories by Franz Kafka. I went back to the pension where I was staying and began to read The Metamorphosis.

The first line almost knocked me off the bed. I was so surprised.

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If I had known, I would have started writing a long time ago. So I immediately started writing short stories.

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