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Then, he would take his paw, gently place it on my shoulder, and gaze at me with his sweet, wise, amber eyes. We would sit that way for quite a while.

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From that moment, I was captivated by him and would forever hold a special place for him in my heart. Over the years, Lakota and I continued to have this special bond. Sometimes I would purposefully sneak away from the rest of the pack to carry on this clandestine friendship with the beleaguered omega. Instead, I would join him at times when he was by himself, and we would sit together, his paw on my shoulder.

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Although Lakota was not the initial choice for pack omega, the killing of Motaki by a mountain lion had forced him into that position and he began to adapt to it. It may sound odd, but he became a wonderful omega. He must suffer terrible abuse at the hands of the king and court, but he is undeniably loved. Like a jester, the omega is often the one to instigate play and act the fool. The omega suddenly crouched into a play stance with his head low, front legs splayed wide, rump and wagging tail in the air.

Kamots would spring into action, darting and snapping playfully. He zigzagged through the grass with his mouth agape and his lips pulled back as if in a smile, nearly allowing himself to be caught, then leaping ahead. Eventually Lakota was caught, or let himself be caught. He flipped over onto his back in surrender, bestowing on Kamots the full victory. Kamots straddled his brother snarling and snapping in mock aggression. On another occasion, I again saw Kamots and Lakota racing through the meadow in a game of chase.

The two brothers are extremely similar in appearance — large with very typical black and gray markings — so it took me a while before I realized to my amazement that this time Lakota was chasing Kamots. In an amazing twist in their standard game, Kamots was allowing himself to be the victim! As I grew to know these wolves I realized that this was a regular occurrence, one that bears no scientific explanation other than the fact that sometimes it is fun to be the one getting chased. To me, it implies that there is a lot more going on in the inner life of wolves than we can imagine.

In humans, an older, stronger brother might let a younger brother pin him in a mock wrestling match, feigning defeat and letting his younger sibling celebrate victory. Both know who the dominant one is, but it is fun to reverse the roles. Witnessing scenes like this, the only interpretation I could make was that Kamots and Lakota genuinely cared for each other.

Some years later, while scouting for wolves along the Yukon River with Jim, I watched from a small airplane as a pack played a game of tag in the deep snow. The attention he would draw to himself could sometimes result in a full-on mobbing. It was painful to watch his hopeful expectations dissolve, fear spring into his eyes, and his entire posture change. Group rallies were another risky time for Lakota.

Introducing the Omega Team

Often the pack gathered together and howled, as if to celebrate its solidarity. The real reason for this ritual is unknown.

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Sometimes it appeared that Kamots would purposefully start to howl, apparently calling the pack together and reminding everyone of his leadership. Other times the rallies seemed more spontaneous, with a spontaneous howl bubbling up inside one of the wolves, then bursting forth uncontrollably.

When one wolf began to howl, the others would quickly join in and assemble around Kamots. As the rally grew in intensity, the wolves often displayed their dominance, sparring, growling and pinning each other to the ground. These were dangerous times for the omega. Regardless of the bickering that went on between the mid-ranking wolves, Amani and Motomo, most of the aggression was transferred to Lakota.

All the same, he would often be there, lending his voice to the group howl.

Omega molecule

I would try to find an occasion when a wolf was howling more or less by himself, rather than right in the middle of the group. This was easier with Lakota because he often stood on the fringe, howling, but trying to keep a low profile. When I first recorded his howl, I was amazed at what was coming through my headphones. Lakota, eyes shut and head thrown back, was just pouring his heart out. His rich, mournful voice soared into the evening and hung in the air for what seemed like forever.

I actually found myself welling up at the sheer beauty and expressiveness of his song. I felt as though I were listening to him sing the blues, giving voice to all the loneliness and pain that his social position brought him. It almost seems that the wolves themselves have no choice but to join in when the Alpha howls. Lakota could never be certain if his participation would get him into trouble, but he could not help but be a part of it.

In Animals: Two Rams are butting heads while the female watches. The winner who mates is the stongest and therefore the Alpha Male. A third ram runs out of the woods and mates with the female while the two males are fighting. THAT is the omega male. Omega male in social terms is an outsider yet notable for distinction, someone worthy who does not conform to the existing peer hierarchy.

It has been said that an Omega is someone of zero worth, as ethologist use Alpha, Beta and Omega in pack descriptions with omega being the lowest position. This has little to do with the socially developed human hierarchy originally used by sorority sisters in the united states to easily label males according to a set of hegemonically established criteria. For example if someone is described as the " Last word " in men, that would hardly be a pejorative description. They only mention people who are socially significant in some positive way as to merit their attention.

Omega is a logical choice, when faced with the problem of describing people who are clearly not subservient to an alpha yet cannot be described as an alpha themselves, There is no set criteria for an Omega, the sole common trait is one of being a rogue social wander who avoids binding attachments generally rejects social hierarchy treating everyone equally based on personal judgment, and refuses to be drawn into tribalistic feuds between groups of people.

He talk to everyone he's such an Omega male. The highest possible status a man can achieve.

MEGIDDO THE OMEGA CODE 2 2001) The Full Movie

When an omega male is born its game over. As in the movie "omega man" only man left standing.

1st Edition

The polar opposite of an alpha male. Male in a group who is least likely to take the initiative and lead, due to a lack of esteem , ability or interest. Antonym of " alpha male ". I'm tired of being the 'omega male'". While alpha males and beta males compete, omegas hang back and watch or do whatever.

Omega | awakening the best in the human spirit

Whatever is left after the alphas and betas are done they either take or leave. They can be the "cool" kids or "the nice guys who finish last. He struck out intentionally like he didn't even want to play. That will go over well with the coach.

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