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I also treat issues related to trauma. Sometimes there is fear, anxiety or depression. Or the birth was traumatic. I use a direct and compassionate approach to help individuals, couples and families figure out how to connect and have more satisfying relationships. Common issues I treat include relationship conflict, anxiety, depression, pornography addiction, unhealthy sexual and relationship patterns, intimacy issues, infidelity and past trauma.

Couples and premarital counseling. Whatever it is you may be struggling with, I am willing to help you get through it. This is a place you can be yourself, discuss your challenges, and do so without judgement. I appreciate the courage it takes to come to counseling and I will respect you and the counseling process. I appreciate the positive changes that occur in my office and the hardships clients are able to endure and overcome.

I have experience working with adults, families, individuals and groups. In recent years I have worked with specialty populations including individuals struggling with mental illness, substance abuse, families impacted by substance abuse, and individuals in big life transitions. I have worked in the addiction field for many years and love providing courage, strength, hope and guiding the process. For the past 13 years I have worked predominantly with persons suffering from chronic and persistent mental health issues and have developed a true passion for assisting this population.

Dealing with relationship issues, grief, loneliness or stress? Do you need wisdom? Would you like an empathetic ear? Need a counselor to come alongside you? If I am resonating with you, then please do not hesitate to make an appointment. I am available afternoons, evenings and Saturdays to accommodate busy lives. I accept insurance and new clients.

I have a sliding fee scale if needed. I am here to help bear burdens and provide earnest counsel. My specialties are treating trauma, anxiety, depression, and anger. Working together we will create a safe space to discover how best to meet your goals at a pace that works right for you. I am here to accompany you along the path back to the life you deserve to live. I will combine my clinical knowledge, extensive training and intuition to tailor counseling goals which are based on your individual needs. I invite you to slow down, take a breath and speak from the heart, the mind and the body.

Whether you're facing a series of small hiccups or great adversities, I can help you strengthen your resilience so that you can respond skillfully to external stressors and navigate the negative internal messaging. We can all learn how to do this, step by step, with self-compassion. What would it be like for you if you could wake up tomorrow and live the life you always wanted to live?

You have the power to make that dream a reality, and it doesn't have to happen in a counseling office, it can happen in the comfort of your own home or office with online counseling. Online counseling makes counseling convenient, even for working professionals. And I also have flexible evening and weekend availability that works well around your busy schedule!

I provide a personalized, nonjudgmental healing process for individuals and families. Together, we will address the issues you are currently facing. We do the best we can, but sometimes it's just too much! You find yourself arguing with those you love. There's too much to do and you just want to go back to bed! You feel overwhelmed and exhausted, and don't know where to turn. This is the time to call someone like me who helps people through the tough times.

Think of it like a getting a "tune-up" for your life: adjust this part here, and replace that piece there, and now your life is running like a well-tuned engine again. You are placing your emotional health in the hands of another person. Louis, Missouri: Charles F. Haanel, Flexible Boards. Bound in publisher's brown leatherette over flexible card stock boards, stamped in silver and decorated in blind. Near Fine, with light shelf wear, pages toned.

Uncommon in such nice condition. Haanel Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service! May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. May be ex-library. Show all copies. Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. No experience needed! These lessons reactivate infant learning skills to increase your ease in moving. Gradual, incremental changes bring long-term improvement; re learn with your body, not your head! Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a blanket or quilt. This video-based activity includes stretches and lightweight conditioning guided by a respected trainer who specializes in senior physical health.

With gradually increased intensity, sessions target the hands, back, neck, arms and shoulders. This is not a didactic course. We all participate since we are experts on what matters most to our health and the health of our families. Discussions follow each of the seven parts. This class is a continuation of HE99 and builds on that work. It is a continuing exploration for people who would like to learn more from and about themselves and to continue enhancing movement. Mondays, 9 a. Classic yoga with modifications, incorporating gentle postures and chair yoga if necessary.

Emphasis on balance, building and maintaining muscle strength and breath. H New! Using a DVD as a general musical guide, we follow whatever move you wish in whatever way you want to move for as short or long as you want. The purpose is to stretch your arms or move your legs somewhat to the beat of the music.

Some last a minute or two, and that would be great—this is for your satisfaction only. Result will be increased happiness and hopefully, laughter. Fitness evaluations are completed on all participants. Based on the evaluation, a fitness program is developed. All participants will be instructed in warmup, exercises and flexibility training.

The class emphasizes the importance of strength training for senior citizens and how to develop balance and strong bones. Lewes—When Cape Henlopen School District classes are canceled because of inclement weather or an area-wide emergency, Lewes classes are canceled. When the school district has a delayed opening, our activities will begin on time. For all other locations, contact the instructor. Check for information: Phone: recorded message Web: www. Tuesdays, p. Dates: 4 Sessions, Oct. In this course, you will learn about the how, why and use of essential oils.

The course explores masters of the Far East and their impact throughout the ages and their possible Western applications today. When a grandchild is diagnosed with a learning disability or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD , grandparents are often confounded by the diagnosis and, possibly, limited information to help them understand it. This seminar helps grandparents navigate the issues, discussions with their children and grandchildren, and how to stay clear of triggers that could lead to conflict within the family.

As we age, organizing, remembering and planning may get more difficult. This course explores why and will offer some strategies for improving our ability to use what we have more effectively and efficiently. This is a general information program and not medical advice. Dates: 8 Sessions, Sept. Matter of Balance tackles two areas of aging in place: increasing your mobility with exercise and looking at your home to make improvements to.

This class assists the learner to understand the complexities of the healthcare system in a diverse society. Challenges, such as access to care, allocation of healthcare resources, transplantation and end-oflife issues, are summarized and discussed. Students will participate in a mock hospital ethics committee meeting, if they desire. The course presents useful guidance for individuals facing a broad range of health challenges. We offer practical ways to manage related issues at home, using discussion of basic practices and principles from Chinese medicine.

The 9th IHMA Congress 2014, Safe and smooth access to ports: A challenge

This course is not a substitute for conventional medical advice or treatment. The class focuses on basics of the Tai Chi 24 form, yang style, for beginning students and students who are familiar with the form and includes learning the form step-by-step through demonstrations and practice. Wednesday, Noon— p. Dates: 1 Session, Sept. Basic Medicare overview, prescription drug plan open enrollment and financial assistance programs are discussed. We will explore the extraordinary personal and community benefits of whole food plant-based eating through film, discussion, cooking demos, tastings, potlucks and community outreach.

We will discover how our personal food choices have a farreaching impact on human health, animal health and environmental health. Wednesdays, 1 p. This course is for cancer survivors and those impacted by a family member or friend with cancer or who is a cancer survivor. Memberships make thoughtful gifts for retirements, birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Gift certificates are nonrefundable. For details visit www. Thursdays, 1 p. This class looks back on the life and public career of Robert F. Kennedy, with an emphasis on his emergence as a politician and statesman after and his remarkable presidential campaign in The vast majority of Jews ultimately were massmurdered, but a relatively small number escaped to the forests on the PolishRussian border and fought back.

Members of the du Pont family have been very important to the history and culture of Delaware. We will look at the lives of several members of the family with emphasis on their legacies for the benefit of the citizens of Delaware and others and on their estates, now open to the public. These iconic sites were designed by pioneers of the landscape architecture profession. This course provides a survey of several gifted individuals and their particular talents, endeavors and constructed creations.

A time of transformative change, the Industrial Revolution created an unquenchable need for low-skilled workers and opened the door to increased immigration. Presentations may be at the suggestion of the class. Subject matter not restricted to any specific subject. This course examines art of the ancient world from the Paleolithic period of prehistory to the period of the great dynasties of ancient Egypt. Many of the artistic works of ancient times relate directly to our own culture in a modern environment.

It is those direct links that reveal how closely we are connected to earlier times and diverse ethnic groups. This course examines the role of news media, social media and campaign advertising in the U. We will follow public opinion as the battle for control of Congress reaches its climax, concluding with post-election analysis. Students should expect lecture presentations and some discussion. Gifts While we calculate membership fees to cover our operating costs, we always need additional and upgraded audiovisual equipment, computers, membership assistance, classroom teaching aids and library materials.

Many of those items are paid for from the Gift Fund. We are happy to receive your donation to the Gift Fund for a specific use or, preferably, unrestricted so your council can direct it toward our greatest needs. You can include a gift with your registration. For more information on how to make these taxdeductible gifts, contact the OLLI office. The early history of what would become the Texas Rangers. Their early years may surprise many.

They functioned in what really was the Wild West. This class looks back at the greatest catastrophe in human history, World War II, by viewing and discussing an episode each week of the landmark British documentary series, The World at War. This class examines the remarkable life and public career of Alexander Hamilton, until recent years the most forgotten of our Founding Fathers.

His story is brought to life and enriched by enjoying the words and music of the current Broadway sensation and discussing how it both illuminates and distorts history. George, Tom, Alex and James had help. Learn about those people whose participation was crucial in the establishment of the nation in which we now live. There will be no required readings, but class participation is expected and encouraged. Part Three of the Space Race highlighting the lunar exploration flights from Apollo 12 through Apollo 17, followed by the three manned Skylab missions, and ending with the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, the first joint U.

This course attempts to put a human face and personal testimony to the issue of immigration in the U. Cynthia Newton, Wesley College history professor, will provide an overview of immigration history in the U. In subsequent classes, we will hear the personal stories of people who emigrated to the U. Members participate in a tour of holiday traditions and recipes of eight Along with two additional holiday festivals, origins of these traditions and recipes are shared.

An international bake-off to taste foods eaten around the world at this special time of year is planned. As we read and discuss the novel, participants will also learn about Colonial Williamsburg. The medieval period, referred to as the Middle Ages, has been seen as a period when little or nothing happened in the world of science and technology.

Such is not the case. Galileo depended on what occurred before his work. Parts 1 and 2 are not required to take this course. As the th anniversary of the armistice approaches, we will cover the carnage and diplomacy from Verdun and the Somme to U. Lecture and discussion format, no prerequisites. During the Viking Age, the Vikings terrorized Europe. They were also skilled boat builders, brave sailors and cunning businessmen. We begin with background on medieval times and include ways the Vikings impacted the world we live in today. This is accomplished with lecture, discussion and film.

The emphasis is on the golden age of political cartoons during the Gilded Age and delves into the impact of Thomas Nast and Joseph Keppler during this period. Call for information, The course examines the man and his time, his accomplishments and his detractors. It includes a discussion of his influence upon American thought and imagination since his death in and addresses the hypothesis that Benjamin Franklin should be treated as the grandfather of our country. We live on a planet with an amazing, improbable history, which has come into focus only during the past several human generations.

This story continues to evolve ever more rapidly with new discoveries and insights. This course involves the contribution of the six most widely recognized founding fathers, their relationships with each other, and the contribution that their wives made to their success. Many independent and foreign films screened at film festivals receive enthusiastic audience support but fail to be widely distributed.

We have chosen five films from recent festivals in Philadelphia and Palm Springs to share. This class is a new version of one given in fall Some films have subtitles and may contain adult content and language. We continue to examine the lives and contribution of great American women.

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Each week we invite an OLLI instructor to present an American woman who has made an impact or significant contribution in the arts, sciences, humanities or civic life. A macro and micro look at history, philosophy, political science and law as context to the U. For anyone interested in opening new horizons of thought. The emphasis this semester is on education law.

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Please read Pierce v. Society of Sisters and Plyler v. Doe This course examines how Hollywood Italians are stereotypically represented in film. This course is designed for the beginner-to-intermediate genealogist. We will discuss strategies for constructing your family tree, sources, software and research tools. Bring your laptop or tablet, as the workshop includes handson research and tree-building.

This is a continuation of our ongoing, free-ranging, full-service, personal, poetry-writing class. There are no prerequisites. We will consider various poetry-writing techniques. Students will present a new poem demonstrating a technique at each class in a workshop format. Through discussion and lecture, with ample visual aids, we will explore the history of news and how technological advances have influenced the media industry and its business model. The success of the program depends on engaged and enthusiastic volunteers.

Members are encouraged to offer new course ideas, serve as instructors and serve on teams or committees in support of the program. Active participation in the lifelong learning program is an excellent way to develop new friendships and be a part of an exciting and dynamic learning community. Please sign up to volunteer on the registration form. Why do certain illustrators appeal to children? We will come to see how this epic set the stage for the Bible and much of Western literature. Students should bring a copy of the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Can literature change our real-world society? At its foundation, utopian and dystopian fiction asks a few seemingly simple questions aimed at doing just that. Who are we as a society? Who do we want to be? Who are we afraid we might become? Open to all members.

A lively, upbeat course highlighting eight top—notch old and new books by or about cowboys, Indians Native Americans , and the West. No reading required, but our discussions will be enriched by readers using the list to be provided. The course focuses on using internet resources to study family history and conduct research.

Students will have an option of exploring their family history in class using the techniques discussed. Both free and pay websites are explored, and specific techniques to maximize their benefits are discussed. Mishmash returns with a new question: what to think about machines that think? Thinking about robots is a thinly veiled metaphor for thinking about humans. While this is a philosophy course, our goal is to have fun by using the arts, especially film.

First, we will watch an episode of the TV series, Northern Exposure, using an existential perspective. Second, we will examine artificial intelligence by watching the feature film Ex Machina by Alex Garland. The Story is a story about the Bible. The first five weeks cover the creation through the era of Moses. With an open mind, viewing of film, readings and vigorous discussions, we adventure through The Story together.

Thank you to our volunteer instructors! Did you know all OLLI instructors are volunteers? If you would like to share an interest with other members by becoming an instructor, contact Anna Moshier at amoshier udel. Mondays, a. A highly successful psychotherapist-author, Weller offers empathy and rituals of renewal as well as touching stories about losses—loved ones, relationships, pets, identity, the environment and more. Please read the first two chapters before the first class. Mondays, 1 p. Relax into poetry with emphasis on the syllable haiku and related Japanese poetic forms over centuries.

Learn how the haiku can be a path to relaxation, mindfulness and cheerful observation. Lively yet respectful discussions of topical political, social, economic and health issues of current concern. Dates: 2 Sessions, Sept. Dates: 2 Sessions, Oct. Take better photos with your iPhone by utilizing all those icons. Learn all the available editing features. Organize your photos into albums. See the ways to share your photos.

Bring your iPhone to class. The class is not for other smartphones. We will use the latest operating system, iOS Are you having trouble figuring out the new electronic device you have acquired? This class will help. We will cover basic computer and smartphone management and usage, focusing on Microsoft and Google including Android but Apple-specific topics may be included.

Bring your portable devices and questions. We will focus specifically on how members can protect their identity and stay safe. Please bring your laptop or iPad to class. There will be a few OLLI laptops available. If you choose to order, there will be a minimal expense. This workshop is an opportunity for computer users of all levels to get together and share experiences, troubleshoot problems and learn new things in an informal environment.

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The course content is driven by the participants, so bring your portable computing devices, ideas, stories and, especially, questions. This course consists of discussion of the international affairs issues currently facing the U. Foreign Service, academia and the U. Each subject has some required readings, available well in advance of each session. Each class consists of a presentation of the issues by the speaker with sufficient time allocated for group discussion.

The speakers include some past favorites and some new people yet to be determined. This course looks at the transformative and sustainable nature of nonviolent social change. Videos from the A Force More Powerful series provide the opportunity to deconstruct historical moments where nonviolent techniques helped various groups create change. In addition, the teaching techniques for this course are centered around methodologies that encourage each participant to bring their own life experiences into the course conversations.

There will be short homework readings in this non-lecture formatted class. The class is based on a weekly theme to which all participants will contribute. One student will prepare several paragraphs about an experience, and all other class members will prepare questions to ask the writer about his or her experience. Participants are encouraged to bring to class any relevant German reading material and share short stories or poems with the class. A rudimentary knowledge of German will be helpful.

Participants in this course will enhance their language skills in the context of the French Revolution. They will learn about the figures that upset the existing social order. Prerequisite: Four semesters of French or equivalent.

Beginning level students will acquire basic French communicative and phonetic skills through song. Mondays, p. Dates: 9 Sessions, Sept. No class Oct. The course is based on a book used by Tufts University, Cinema for French Conversation by Anne-Christine Rice, to promote theme- and culture-based conversation in French based on a variety of classic French films, including film noir. Each chapter in the book is based on one film and includes vocabulary, synopsis, key quotations and exercises to promote vocabulary and grammar advancement and practice. The films are all in French but have English subtitles.

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of French at intermediate level. Fridays, 10 a. Road Show takes the class to different kitchens located in Lewes and Rehoboth Beach—like a private kitchen tour— where students will observe and participate in food preparation and taste appetizer-size portions of their prepared dishes and selected wines to complement the meals Bring your favorite knife and apron if desired.

Learn cooking techniques, collect recipes and socialize. Food and wine expenses will be divided among the students. The Kitchen Kapers chefs are recipe collectors, and their love of food and wine were the impetus for this course As we address the inevitable process of aging, we will discuss what gives our lives meaning and purpose: staying healthy and strong, becoming resilient, maintaining interpersonal relationships, managing conflict, attending to wills and record keeping, spirituality and end of life issues, and more.

Dates: 4 Sessions, Sept. Through class discussion and instructor expertise, you will gain ideas and learn about new plants that will refresh and personalize the one area you select to work on in your landscape. Curb appeal will be presented at the first class to get us all on the same page to discuss landscape design. Learn landscape concepts and quick fixes from the instructor. For the last class, we will meet at a selected local nursery. Come and participate, renew your garden and enjoy doing it! At this stage in our lives, most of us appreciate the value of written communication.

Undoubtedly, you have had plenty of writing experience, both personally and professionally. But, no matter if you have written a lot or a little, you would probably agree that there is always room for improvement. The course uses many techniques for fiction and nonfiction, including those used by journalists because they, better than most, have mastered the art of telling a complete story using a minimum number of words.

This new offering combines two popular OLLI memoir-writing courses from previous years. As a means of preserving your personal legacy, memoirs have become one of the most popular forms of creative expression. But crafting a good memoir can be a challenge. To guide that journey, this course will help you master, and practice, the art of writing a good, readable memoir.

This course provides basic instruction on woodworking using hand tools. We will discuss the core set of hand tools and how to use them. Instruction will include sawing, drilling, planing, shaping, sanding and finishing. We will build a small picture frame and a keepsake box during class that can be customized to your choosing.

Students need to bring safety glasses to class. This course promotes exploration and discussion around recommended ways to improve overall happiness. You will create a personal resolution for a particular area of your life that will add to an improvement in your happiness, peace or contentment. It includes interactive learner participation with the development of strategies, so a case might be thoroughly investigated to its logical conclusion.

Teams will conduct concurrent, challenging investigations while satisfying both community and management demands for a prompt, fair and factual resolution.

  • The Dust Beneath Her Feet (The Purana Qila Stories Book 1).
  • Essence Tai Chi (Tai Chi and Healing).
  • The Sheiks Mysterious Mistress (Friends Forever Book 1).
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  • TABLE TALK: The Stepping Stone of Communication Between Parent and Child.

Discussion will include general and specific investigation techniques, legal issues, investigation management, documentation and presentation, and closed case analysis. Spring Semester January 28—April 8 Spring is shaping up to be an exciting and full semester. Many new courses will be offered in addition to courses continued or repeated from the fall semester. Dates: 3 Sessions, Sept. The instructor will teach how to make pasta from the making of the dough many choices of ingredients to cutting, shaping of fettuccine and one stuffed pasta. Directions to a home in Lewes will be provided.

Wow your family and friends by learning unique recipes for various events such as holiday meals, a Caribbean brunch, game nights and types of desserts. A proposed cook-off is planned with general recipe sharing. This is an advanced woodworking class where the students use their knowledge of woodworking to design and build projects of their choosing. It covers the design process, making a cutting list, a trip to buy the lumber for the projects, and assistance in the construction of the projects.

Prerequisites: The Basic Woodworking course and a core set of hand tools. Projects could be a tool chest, work bench, end table, etc. Do you find yourself in conflict? Do you feel helpless? Devised by Quakers, AVP is now a worldwide organization devoted to teaching conflict resolution skills through experiential group exercises.

Learn to access your transforming inner power. Join the Elder Moments in song. Sightreading is preferred, but a good ear and a smile are a must! We sing four-to-sixpart harmony and our music ranges from folk tunes to Gershwin. All voice parts are welcome. Play folk, Celtic and old-time music in a no-stress environment.

All skill levels welcome. All acoustic string instruments and other instruments, such as flute and penny whistle, are welcomed. Stringed instrument players should know basic chords in keys of G, D and C. Sight reading music is not a requirement. This course is a cooperative learning experience. We will examine live theatre offerings performed during the term by local professional and community theatre companies.

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Readings of scripts, dramaturgical analysis and reviews of performances attended constitute the majority of the class activities. Fridays, 9 a. Over the week session, you will learn how to finger the different notes of the scale. We will do short tunes, which will reinforce the recorder fingering of the new notes being taught each week, and rhythms. Be prepared to squeak, squawk and eventually make a nice sound.

Laughing is allowed. Prerequisites: Must know how to read music and own a soprano recorder. This is the second part of performances that show the fun side of Broadway. The moderator will do his best to introduce each show and song with a synopsis to help understand the context. Of course, there will be factoids and bonuses. Two giants of the romantic era in Western classical music, Brahms and Tchaikovsky, represent very different approaches to form, expressive content and compositional style, purpose and critical acceptance. Students continue their progress and increase their skill in playing the recorder.

Class covers folk music as well as music of the Renaissance and. Baroque periods. Listen to a range of European and American masterpieces. Discuss them in their historical context, with reference to art, literature and politics. Visual aids help us follow musical structure. Discover music that you can enjoy for a lifetime.