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Can a woman who is just finding her path in the world and a pro hockey player make their relationship work? Set in Indianapolis, the story is filled with intrigue and passion, and it has a happily ever after ending that you will be very happy with.

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Jase is a pro hockey player with a great career that includes puck bunnies always chasing after him, and Remi is a schoolteacher who is merely looking for a fling. Being compatible between the sheets is one thing, but being compatible in all other parts of your life is quite another. Jared is a hockey player who also owns a club that the team often hangs out in after a game.

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Sidney is a consultant the club has hired to give it a more updated appearance and appeal to more customers. She is also a divorcee who has closed off her heart to men.

But, Jared is different, and once she sees him, she realizes she has to have him. Rory and Max are on a plane that crashes, and since they survived, they sleep together so that she can have her very first orgasm.

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Unfortunately, both of their secrets could destroy their lives. This is a sexy, intriguing, and often funny story that will have you pulling for both of the main characters from the very start. Brynn is a young woman who had a crush on Shea when she was younger, but when she is hired to be his nanny she decides to take the job seriously. Every time he sees Brynn, he thinks dirty thoughts, and he may not be able to keep his hands off of her the rest of the season. Jed is a hockey player who is used to having fans with crushes on him. When he walks into a library for a summer reading event, Breezy notices him immediately.

After having some contact during the event, Jed thinks she is only interested in books, even though they soon find themselves in a sexy kiss. Lexi has traveled to North Carolina to find her father, Brian, who is working in the office of a famous hockey team. It is there she meets one of the players, Roman, and she is immediately smitten. Gwen and Hunt are both hiding behind personas that are not showing who they truly are inside. Their romance is sometimes heart wrenching and always interesting, flirty, and even funny.

Greyson is a pro hockey player whose father also played the sport.

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Daya is happy for the relationship to remain anonymous, because she is an introvert who is afraid to meet Greyson in person. With Greyson feeling confident about them meeting in person and Daya a little afraid, what will happen to their relationship when or if they finally meet? Talk about opposites attract. Ares is just what you think of when you think about the strong and silent type. But, not to worry, because Felicity talks enough for both of them. She was wearing these strappy things with peekaboo toes.

Gina wasted no time. She locked the cubicle door behind herself and crouched. No kiss, no talk, no eye to eye. She undid my belt to free my cock and balls, and started gorging herself, filling her mouth as she rolled my length across her cheeks, all the time making these whimpering noises. She pulled her split skirt to the side and started frigging her clit frantically as she sucked and kissed my dick. I had to hold her back and stood still staring down at her, this totally anonymous female pleading, worshipping, fingering herself senseless and practically weeping at the very sight, smell and taste of my dick, with those pretty eyes, staring up at me and begging me to let her suck.

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And all of this could have only taken one minute. I had this strange need to kiss her and thank her and maybe whisper or hold her or do at least a little part of the usual male-female communication stuff, but she put a pussy-wet finger to my mouth and turned her back to me. The two of us stood there facing the cubicle door, listening for the sounds of humans beyond as my dick shrivelled to nothing in her hand. We were like two criminals hiding from the cops, listening for sounds. There were footsteps, male sounding, and then the hand dryer went on. As soon we heard the outer door opening and closing, she undid the lock and slipped out without a word or backward glance.

I waited an hour, then another, but she was gone. When I checked the website again, her profile had been erased. Regular women bore me, the whole damn process does.

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  • Women started consuming naughty books not because of some historic surge in desire but because of digital technology — the real reason Fifty Shades of Gr ey was a success was e-readers. What do you think men require from erotic writing that's different to women? How did this affect the story you wrote for Esquire?