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Take bark of white-horned shrub and some cones of a fir tree, boil in lye, and wash the limbs therewith. Take blackberry leaves boiled in water and wine, put a little alum to it. The mouth rinsed therewith, will have a good effect. Hast thou heartburn and colic? Leave this rib, N. The two N. Now I step out in God's great name, now step out in his might and fame, now I step out in God's footstep right which is against all spirits' might. Take olive or sweet oil, camphor, red lead, five cents' worth of each, and prepare into an ointment. Write upon a piece of paper, Quosum sinioba zenni tantus lect veri , and hang it on a string over the back.

Take goitre fungus and burn it to a powder over a coal fire or alcohol flame. Take of this powder mornings and evenings, on an empty stomach; as much as two five cent pieces will cover. Write the name of the patient upon paper, drill a hole in three prune trees, and prepare an oaken bolt, and put into every hole the three most sacred names, drive every one of these bolts in with three strokes, and pronounce the following sentence; N.

Rupture, rupture, rupture, depart hence in the name of the Lord, etc. I beseech thee in the name of the living God, that thou may heal upon the rod, that thou may become sound and straight, and growest stronger every day. When a new house is built, write upon three separate pieces of paper: Deus Pater, Deus Filius, Deus Spiritus Sanctus in Oleum Trinitatis Sun and Moon have their course over water and over land, that no fire and flame in this house shall cease. For this, three tin boxes must be made, and in each one the above inscriptions be placed, and on three corners under the threshold or stones be laid, so that they do not decay or moulder in the ground, and the fires in such a house will never go out.

Another most excellent remedy is Unguentum Balsilicon. Welcome, in the name of God, ye brethren true and God, we all have drank of the Saviour's blood.

Atomic Power of Prayer (FULL, Fixed, Anointed) by Dr. Cindy Trimm! Spiritual Warfare

Let us meet in union and part from each other in peace. Take five cents' worth of bees-wax, the same quantity of rope-makers' resin, some few ounces of beef suet, a few teaspoonfuls of sweet oil, that is, the same quantity in weight of each of the ingredients, boil over a quick fire to the substance of a salve, and use like a plaster. Leave them three days and three nights in that position, and remove them at the same hour of the day that they were fastened to your body.

Take fine iron or steel filings. Mix the same with ground willow wood into a dough. If this dough is put into the mouse holes, the mice will be eager to devour it, and soon die. Take leaves of white hellebore, mixed with fine wheat flour, and knead into a stiff dough, with honey. This dough put into the holes when the rats and mice run in and out.

They will eagerly devour, and surely die. Or, take bitter almonds and fine wheat flour, make a stiff dough, and dispose of it as already stated. Take potassa, and strew into the mouse and rat holes. This sometimes kills the entire brood in a few hours. Take Halesia seed, and throw it into the holes.

This they eat with greediness, and certain death will follow. Take the rinds of wild gourds or pumpkins. Mix the same with equal portions of wolf's wort Chrysanthemum and barley flour. Of these articles make a stiff dough. Rats and mice eating of this will meet sure death. Another good exterminator is to take the herb skunk cabbage, symplocarpus fretidus angustifolium, and fumigate the place infested with the mice. As long as this odor touches their nostrils they will stay away. Inscribe the following words upon an iron spade: Mura, Martha, Marscha, T.

It is magnificent. The Saviour spoke thus: Whither art thou going? The Virgin Mary replied: I will plague mankind. The Saviour said: Nay, thou shalt not do so. Take cart worms, pound them in old grease, and tie this [45] tepid mass over the wounds, and on the fourth day thereafter the veins will have healed together, and without pain.

Cut a piece of bread, rub the patient's teeth therewith, and throw it before a dog. If he eats it, the patient will recover. Otherwise, the disease is dangerous. Whoever digs up St. Peter's root in the morning of St. Peter's day, before the sun rises, and carries these roots around the neck, is sure not to be wounded. But such a person must be careful not to drink liquor while carrying the roots. Also, whoever digs knot grass, on St.

John's day, in the morning before sunrise, and carries the same, will not be wounded. Dig meadow rue in the sign of the zodiac Virgo, eat them before breakfast, before beginning to fight or battle. To drink powder of hartshorn dissolved in wine, prevents the growing of these vermin on the head. If such powder is strewn upon the head, all lice and nits will surely die.

This herb boiled in beer, and drank mornings and evenings, is a miraculous remedy. Drink four ounces of rosemary water, it will neutralize the poison and strengthen heart and brain. Take meadow rue, boil in olive oil, mix a little bees-wax [46] therewith, so that it becomes a salve. Grease the hands with it, and soon they will be all well. Buy a pike as they are sold in the fish-market, carry it noiselessly to a running water, there let whale oil run into the snout of the fish, throw the fish into the running water, and then walk stream upward, and you will recover your strength and former powers.

Take a new fresh laid egg, if possible, one that is yet warm. Pour whale oil over it, and boil the egg in it; the oil then should be poured into a running water, stream downward, never upward, then open the egg a little, carry it to an ant's hill, of the large red specie, as are found in fir-trees forest, and there bury the egg. Thus it was proven that there is really a remedy for this terrible malady, even after it has taken hold of the unfortunate victim. A similar power is ascribed to aniseed oil, if several drops thereof, poured into the wounds, made by the biting of the rabid animal, or of any other poisonous animal or bird.

The oil put on a cloth, and laid upon the wound, will draw the poison therefrom, and leave no injurious effects. Take a half nutmeg, two ounces of cinnamon bark, two ounces of cloves, four ounces of white sugar, one dram of cream of tartar, then take white sugar, and render down in an earthen pot; this done, take a glass of water pour it into the pot after the sugar dissolves, and take the pot from the fire, then add a pint of wine, stir all, and pour the mixture into the cask. Repeat this procedure several times, let the wine settle for an hour, and after this the wine will be as clear and fine as good old wine.

The following is the invention of a Gypsy King of Egypt, who confessed Christianity. But a conflagration taking place, meantime, turned to good luck for the aged man. He was liberated, and taken to the scene of the fire, for the purpose of having him try his arts and mysterious workings. What he accomplished, to the great astonishment of all present, he stayed the conflagration, by a miracle, within the brief period of a quarter of an hour; and, for this deed, he was pardoned, and entirely liberated.

Thou art welcome, thou fiery guest, do not grasp further, but spare the rest. I command thee, fire, by the1 power of God, that thou wouldst stand still, and not further proceed; as true as Christ stood on the river Jordan, when he was baptized by Holy St. John; [48] that I count to thy ransom, oh, fire, in the name of the Holy Trinity. I command thee, fire, by the power of God, that thou wouldst allay thy flames, as true as Mary remaineth so chaste and pure; for this cease thy rage, oh, terrible fire.

This I count to thee, oh, terrible fire, for ransom's sake, in the name of the Holy Trinity. I command thee, fire, thou wouldst thy violent heat allay, for the sake of Christ's blood. Thy rage now stay, for the blood which he shed for our sins and his death. Whoever keeps this letter in his house, he will not suffer from conflagrations; and if any parturient woman carries this letter upon her person, no sorcery, apparition or witchcraft can harm her.

That water which in the surface is lead colored or shows a lead colored circle around the muddy substance, indicates a clodded brain.

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Also, epilepsy and other troublesome condition of the head. A patient having a diseased head, passes water of a lead color. The circle on the surface is also greenish. This is a symptom of death. Red gravel in the water, without fever and pains in the loins, signifies heat of the liver and kidneys.

A cloudy, foaming water, of yellowish [49] and greenish hue, indicates great heat of the liver. Pure blood in the water, accompanied by pains and. A reddish and cloudy water indicates bile in the liver, especially should the water be mixed with matter or pus, and has a very offensive odor. A red, thick water, and, when shaken, showing a saffron yellow color, indicates jaundice.

A thick, fattish and white water indicates consumption, while a cloudy, lead-colored water, when the clouds first appear on the bottom, forebodes consumption; and a pale water of a consumptive person is a certain sign of an early death. If the fever is violent, a blackish water indicates violent headaches and loss of reason. A black water, at the breaking of a fever, which so remaineth until the seventh day, is a foreboding that the patient is recovering from fever. A black water in a fever, while the patient perspires on the head, neck and back, is a sign of early death.

A water of greenish color, with a circle around it during a heavy fever, signifies head disease. A clayish, fatty water, during fevers, is a sign of consumption and marasmus. If a man is attacked by a violet fever, the water will be very red, and much bad pus oozes out with it. Irritation, painfulness, heat or difficulty in discharging water, may arise from a variety of causes; but by far the most common is the irritation produced by the presence of bile in.

A water containing a little matter, indicates boils of the kidneys.


Red or yellowish curls in the water, show heat in the kidneys. Water containing much pus or matter indicates a boil [50] on the bladder. Whitish and hard water, with a sediment on the bottom of the vessel, is a sure sign of gravel in the bladder. If New-Year's Day falls upon a Sunday, a quiet and gloomy winter may be expected, followed by a stormy spring, a dry summer, and a rich vintage.

When New-Year's Day comes on a Monday, a varied winter, good spring, dry summer, cloudy weather, and an inferior vintage may be expected. When New-Year's comes on a Wednesday, a hard, rough winter, a blustery, dreary spring, an agreeable summer, and a blessed vintage may be hoped for. If the first of the year happens to come on Thursday, a temperate winter, agreeable spring, a dry summer, and a very good vintage will follow.

If on a Friday the year begins, a changeable, irregular winter, a fine spring, a dry and comfortable summer, and a rich harvest will be the result. If New-Year's Day comes on Saturday, a rough winter, bleak winds, a wet and dreary spring, and destruction of fruit will be the consequence. Take a small board from a bier from which a small child was buried which died before baptism. Lay the board under the pigeon hole, and they will return again, provided they are not caged up, even if they should be carried many miles from their home.

They love to eat this, and while other pigeons smell the odor of yours, they will follow and fly with them to the coop. Repeat this several times [51] while milking the cows, and the witches' butter and cheese will have a bad odor, such as is frequently observed. Take albumen, white of eggs, mix unslaked lime to it, and, with this glue, broken glass and earthen dishes may be mended. Take garlic and rue. Boil in good wine vinegar.

Drink this mornings and evenings. It is a sure cure. Purchase a half-grown black rooster. Capon the fowl. Take a nutmeg, and put it into the place from which you make the cut. Leave this nutmeg in its place until the rooster is fat. Furthermore, the baptismal name of the afflicted person must be written six times upon a piece of paper, and lay it under the head of a corpse.

Furthermore, perspire in a linen cloth, and wrap around a dead person. If it is a female who has this disease add to the powder made by burning to a crisp a lock of her hair. In case of a male person, leech him, and dip a rag into blood, and let it be buried with the corpse. The stone called Actorius is to be found in the craw of any old capon.

Drive through a running water, and pour three handfuls of water over the animal, and speak each time as follows: Every one shall run after me to purchase my cattle from me. As true as Christ baptized with the water from the river Jordan, so I, too, baptize thee. The first from thy heart, the other from thy liver, the third from thy vigorous life.

By this I take all thy strength, and thou losest the strife. Peter and Jesus moved upon the acre. They dug up three furrows, where they found three worms. The one was white, the other is black, the third is red. Henceforth, N. Jesus, I will arise. Jesus, do go with me. Jesus, put my heart into thine own bosom.

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  • Christ is ascended! Bliss hath invested him, woes that molested him, trials that tested him, gloriously ended. Peter stood under an oak tree. Then spake our beloved Redeemer to Peter: Why art thou sad and weary? Peter replied: Why should I not feel sad and dread, since all the teeth decay in my head. Whereupon our Lord Jesus Christ spake unto Peter! Peter, hie to the cool and lonely nook, there runs a clear water in a mountain brook.

    Three drops of blood flowed over the holy face of our Lord. These three holy blood drops are moved before the touch-hole [53] of the weapon, and remain as pure as the mother of God. No more shall fire and smoke from thy barrel and touch-hole go. Gun, let neither fire nor smoke from thy barrel move, nor heat. Now, I go thither, because God the Lord moves with me; God the Son accompanies me; God the Holy Ghost, he soars o'er me forever and ever, that bullet and sword will hurt me never. God be with you, brethren. Desist you, thieves, robbers, murderers, waylayers, and warriors in meekness, because we all have partaken of the rose-colored blood of Jesus Christ.

    Your rifles, guns, and cannons be spiked, with the holy drops of our Redeemer's blood. All sabres and deadly weapons be closed, with the five wounds of our dear Master, Jesus Christ. Three roses are blooming on Jesus' heart. The first is kind, the other is mighty, the third represents God's strong will. Our dear Lord and Redeemer Christ suffered much boils and wounds but never had them tied and bound. They fester not, they pester not, neither do they ever suppurate.

    Jonas was blind, but the heavenly child was kind, and spake to him: As true as with the holy wounds thou art smitten, they will not curdle, nor ever fester; but from them I take water and blood, be it for N. Holy is the man who all sores and wounds can heal. God perceiveth his joy and glory. Three lilies grow upon Jesus' grave. The first is courage divine; the other, God's blood, so fine; the third is God's will, under which, ye thieves, must hold still.

    Stand still you thief. No more our Lord Jesus descendeth from the cross. Thou shalt not be able to leave this spot. This I bow unto thee by the day of doom, that thou standest still, and not further proceed, till all the stars in the heaven I shall see and the sun will shine bright. I herewith stop all thy leaping and escaping. To Cause the Return of Stolen Goods. Go early in the morning, ere the sun rises, to a juniper tree, and, at sunrise, bend it to the ground, and put a stone upon it. Under this stone and tree lay the skull of a criminal and speak: Juniper tree, I bend and press thee until the thief shall return N.

    To Restore the Usefulness of a Cow. Write the words given below upon three scraps of paper, and nail one on the outside of the stable door, the other on the manger, and the third tie to the left horn of the cattle, and speak: L. Take a good handful of lintels, boil them in water till they become stiff, and feed the cattle with this.

    Cheese may also be applied. Stand before the stick toward the rising of the sun,, take hold thereof, in the name of God, with both hands, and speak: Stick, I grasp thee, in the name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, that thou shalt be obedient to me, that I may surely hit him whom I design to whip. Whereupon take thy knife, and cut the stick in three cuts, while pronouncing the three highest names, and carry it quietly to thy home, and guard it well, that no person steals it.

    If you intend to whip a witch which hath assaulted a beast or human being, go into the resp. Now take off the hat, put it upon the floor, and batter so long upon the hat as thou may chose. It will certainly hit the witch; and even if you should hammer holes into your hat, even the witch will then receive holes in his or her head. If thou desirest to flog one who is living at a distance from you, who deserves a beating, then place your coat upon a witch's ladder or shears, or upon a threshold, and call the name of him or her you design to whip, and you will hit him or her just as well as if he or she be present.

    But upon the stick thou must inscribe: Abiam, Dabiam, Fabiam. For the Fever. Suspend, upon a Friday, a letter containing the names set forth below, between the hours of eight and nine, upon the patient's neck, in the following manner: [56] Fold together, and tie it in grayish red cloth, which must be unbleached, and pierce through the cloth and the letter, three holes. Draw red thread through them, while calling the three holiest names.

    Suspend the same around the neck of the patient, and let it remain eleven days. After taking it off, burn it before the lapse of one hour:. For a Toothache. Take a new, but useless nail. Pick the teeth well with it, till they are bleeding. Then take the nail, and drive it into a rafter, toward the rising sun, where neither sun nor moon shines, and speak, at the first stroke, Toothache, vanish; at the second stroke, Toothache, banish; at the third stroke, Toothache, thither fly.

    Stew some juniper-berry ashes in vinegar, and give it to the afflicted cattle.

    Sepher Shimmush Tehillim;

    It stops the rot. For the Goblins and Puppets who deprive the Cows of their Milk. The appended formula, written upon a scrap of paper, and nailed in a secluded spot in a stable. For Griping Pains and, Colic. Grips and colic, I bless thee on this holy day, that thou wilt get from my cattle and horses away. Afterward take a spoonful of chimney soot, another handful of ashes from juniper wood, half a quart of old wine, and give all at once to the animals. During Christmas night take the milt of a herring, and the sinew thereof; also, bay leaves, saffron, black caraway seed, and mix together; spread upon four pieces of bread, and give it to the cow.

    A Drink for Sick Cattle. Take vinum crecum, enzian, alum, sulphur, mesturtian roots, angelicum of Indian cucumbers, medeola, steep it and give it to the cattle, but warm. For Pulmonary Diseases. Consumption, Jaundice and Black Disease. Purchase fifteen cents' worth of aniseed oil. If he feels improvement, continue thus till no more slime passes, then cease to take this drink. Many a person suffering from diseased lungs and jaundice have been cured thoroughly by this most excellent and simple remedy.

    For young men and females it is not of any use; except for barren women, in such a case it may be taken from three to four days, but during this time abstain from all excitement, otherwise it will be of no use. Take sweet milk, add black pepper to it, mix well, and leave it for the flies to eat. All flies that partake of it will die. If the speech is impeded or the tonsils swollen, grease the centre of the head with grease from a stork, and the power of speech will return. It serves in cases of arthritis or neuralgia as well as for the withering of limbs and warts on hands and feet, corns on feet, heels, ruptures, and other injuries of all kinds.

    Put the earth worms into a pot and wrap the same up in a loaf of bread, bake it in a bake oven as long as is necessary for bread to bake, then put it in a glass vessel, and distil in the sun. The Usefulness of Black Snails. They cure withered limbs and warts on hands and feet, corns on feet, heels, ruptures and other hurts. Put the snails into a pot, add a good deal of salt and keep it nine days in the ground. After this distil in a glass in the sun. To make an Ointment for the Cure of the Itch.

    Take green corn or broom seed, press the sap therefrom, boil it in the same manner that a mush is cooked, add five cents' worth of sulphur and quarter pound of lard. Rub the body with it every night. Take symploearpus, forest manna, vernonica or speedwell, alsine pubescens, centifolium; press the sap from these herbs, then take white rosin or pitch, tallow and butter; render it down, add the sap and boil together; add five cents' worth of verdigris.

    This is the genuine forest salve. For a Felon on the Finger. Take fresh ox gall, boil it, and apply as warm as one can bear it, by dipping the finger therein, and keep it there until it becomes cold. Thus the felon or worm dies soon. When a Person has a Cancer on Breast or Cheek. One ounce of sassafras boiled in beer, the pot well sealed, so that the fumes do not evaporate.

    Drink thereof. If the sore is open, pulverize bones of a corpse, and strew into the wounds. When a Cow's Usefulness is taken, to find out the Person, and mark the same, who caused the Trouble. On the day of the patron Demetrius, enter a grocery store, buy a steel, purchase and pay for the same without bartering, and have it forged on this very day.

    Early in the morning take milk from the cow in the name of God before the witch milks. After this make a fire upon the hearth, put the steel into the fire till it grows red, then take a pair of wooden tongs and draw the steel from the fire, and put the steel into the dish wherein the milk is and keep it there so long till the milk is all evaporated. If the milk is entirely dried out, the witch who caused the mischief must die; but in case the milk is not entirely dried out, the witch will contract blisters upon hands and face, so that she will not be able, for a long period to expose herself before the people.

    For Hysterics. Take dried chicken manure, grind it to powder, and give a pinch of it to the patient in a prune. It is a quick remedy. Take mastich, grind it well with pure water, take the piece of stone or glass, apply the mastich to it, and let it dry, then lift it over a fire to soften the mastich. Put the pieces together and they will become perfectly joined. Or, take gypsum plaster of Paris dissolve in albumen white of eggs and smear it on the edges that are to be united.

    This, too, is a good paste. To Repair Broken Glasses. Take half pitch, half rosin, melt together, put on the pieces, put them together, and warm over the fire. It will become solid; then scrape the pitch from the rents and paint them with oil paint. To make a Water which will Soften all Things. Let it boil over a quick fire; whatever is put therein will become soft.

    To Soften Glass. Take soluble glass or verre, burn it in a retort to water, and dissolve in this same water some gum arabic; this will so soften the glass, that it may be wrapped up like a cloth. Or, take eggs, and mix with quick lime, and put the glass therein. It becomes soft in this manner. An Excellent Hardening. Take radish wort, as large as you can obtain them, bruise them, and harden in the sap. Or, take old urine, put the same in a new earthen pot, and let it be boiled down three times to one-half of the original quantity. In this fluid harden most metals.

    Also, take acre-worms, called larves, as many as you choose to take, and scurvy-grass in like quantity, boil well together, distil in an alembic just the same as rosewater is distilled. In this substance you can harden whatever you desire. Inasmuch as, at this juncture, all looks so gloomy in society, the writer of this expects that no pirate of books will wrongfully seize this work and reprint the same, if such an one does not wish to incur the eternal curse, and even condemnation from such an act.

    Mirathe saepy Satonich petanish pistau ytmye higarin ygeirion temgaron—aycon, dunsnas caflilacias satas claeius jocony, hasihaja yeynino Stephatitas beaae Ind, Doneny eya hidue reu vialta eye vahaspa Saya Salna bebia euci yaya Blencke na vena Serna. Take the water of the patient and mix it with some flour and make a dough thereof, of which seventy-seven small cakes are made, each one as large as a lintel; proceed before sunrise to an ant-hill and throw the cakes therein.

    As soon as the insects have devoured the cakes, the fever vanishes. For Cataract of the Eye. Take half an ounce of prepared tutia, and blow this through a goose quill into the animal's eyes. For Spots in the Eye Take two drachms tutia, half drachm white vitriol, one half of an ounce rose honey, make a salve thereof, and use it to grease the eyes therewith. To Heal Boils on the Hoofs. Take two ounces of nitric spirit, one drachm of sperm oil, mix well, and steep the boil in it. After this rub with the Egyptian salve. To make a good Ointment for Burns.

    Take two ounces of turpentine, three ounces of yellow bees'-wax, six ounces of linseed oil; mix upon a coal fire and grease the sore therewith. Take orange peels, aloes one drachm, and five cents' worth of carrots. Put in a bottle, shake well, and take evenings and mornings a good draught of it till the cure is effected. To stop the Bleeding of a Wound. Paint the wound with nitric spirit. To make a Blister.

    Mix these ingredients to a plaster. To Extirpate Warts. Take blossoms of the walnut tree, rub the warts with them, and they will soon heal. To cite a Witch. Take an earthen pot, not glazed, yarn spun by a girl not yet seven years old. Put the water of the bewitched animal into the pot, then take the egg of a black hen and some of the yarn and move the latter three times round the egg, and ejaculate in the three devils' name; after this put the egg into, the water of the pot, seal the lid of the vessel tightly that no fumes may ooze therefrom, but observe that the head of the lid is below.

    While setting the pot upon the fire, pronounce the following: Lucifer, devil summon the sorcerer before the witch or me, in the three devils' name. In Case one Suffers from a Theft. If something is stolen from you, proceed also as stated above, take likewise water, draw it from a brook stream downward, and cut three splinters from the threshold over which the thief did run. The water must be drawn in the three names of the devil. That no Witch may leave a Church.

    Purchase a pair of new shoes, grease them on Saturday with grease on the outer sole, then put them on and walk to the church, and no witch can find the way out of the church without you proceed before her. Fasten a squill sea onion over the principal door of the house, and no person will come to trouble you in the dwelling. To Beat Witches. Let the sweepings, which are swept together in a house for three days remain in a heap, and on the third day cover it with a black cloth made of drilling, then take a stick of an elm tree and flog the dirt heap bravely, and the sorceress must assist, or you will batter her to death.

    For Sorcery. Take elm wood on a Good-Friday, cut the same while calling the holiest names. Cut chips of this wood from one to two inches in length. To Cause a Witch to Die within One Minute First, try to obtain a piece of the heart of the cattle which had been attacked, then take a little butter and fry the piece therein, as if prepared for eating, then take three nails from the coffin of a corpse, and pierce with them the heart through and through. Piercing the heart and killing the witch, are facts of the same moment.

    All will be correct at once. Good and approved. Take butter from the household larder, render it down in an iron pan until it broils, then take ivy or wintergreen, and fry it; take three nails of a coffin and stick them in that sauce; carry the mass to a place where neither sun nor moon shines into, and the witch will be sick for half of a year. When a Horse is Sick or has the Blind Fistula. Take of camphor, for five cents; saffron, five cents; olive oil, five cents, and give it in a glass of wine. It helps certain sure. I implore thee, by the Hying God, that thou may draw the disease from the body of N.

    Three times spoken. Such a person must put a pair of shoes on, and walk therein until his feet perspire, but must walk fast, so that the feet do not smell badly; then take off the right shoe, drink some beer or wine out of this shoe, and he will from that moment lose all affection for her. A Banishment. Three trees are standing on Jesus' heart — the first is called humility, the other forbearing, the third is called, if it pleases, God. Rider, horse, or walker on foot, ye shalt not stand still, and not move from hence until I grant permission.

    While pronouncing this, the hat must be placed on the back of the head, and the right hand put three times thereto. When designing to release them, grasp the hat with the left hand, and put the hat as it was before, keep the hat in the left hand and beat with the hat in the direction where they are wanted to move to or remove from hence.

    The sufferings of Christ I hear upon me. In meekness I begin my work, stop rider, walker, robber stop, stop ye thieves. In meekness desist, from evil shrink, since Jesus' blood did we drink; your musket and your rifle be stopped with Jesus' blood, your sabres, knives, swords, halbards and spear, they be as soft as Christ's five holy wounds. Since only three roses upon the Saviour's heart do bloom, the first is benign, the second of good mind, the third is the will [71] of God.

    If you wish to let them ride away again, speak. Ride thither in the bad name of all evil spirits. To Cause the Return, of Stolen Property. Take three pieces of bread, three pinches of salt and three pieces of hog's lard, make a strong flame, put all the articles upon this fire, and say the following words, while keeping alone: I put bread, salt and lard for the thief upon the fire, for thy sin and temerity so dire. I place them upon thy lungs, liver and heart, that thou art troubled with terror and smart, a distress shall come over thee with dread as if thou wert to be smitten dead, all veins in thy body shall burst and break, and great havoc and trouble shall make, that thou shalt have no peace nor rest, till what thou hast stolen thou hast returned and brought all back from whence it were taken.

    Three times to recite and every time the three holiest names spoken. For the Toothache. Bay leaf flour for five cents; fennel powder for five cents. A handful wheaten flour and one egg; bake a cake of this, and put upon the ears during the night. To Lay Spirits by an Anathema. Ye persons look upon me for a moment till I draw three blood drops from you, which ye have forfeited. The first I draw from your teeth, the other from your lung, the third I draw from your heart's own main; with this I take your hosts away and ye shall stand till I remove from ye the iron band.

    Another Anathema. Welcome, ye brethren, be of good cheer, we have partaken of Christ's blood there and here, and if we had not drank it, [72] yet we surely would do so when next time we met. God the Father who is with me, God the Son who is with thee, God the Holy Spirit who is between us all, that we in peace may part, in peace may call, that never a sword ye may be able to draw, no pistol may fire, no rifle nor cannon discharge.

    God aid me to vanquish you all.

    Jem Carstairs

    For the Mange or Itch of Sheep. Make an ointment of these articles and grease the sheep therewith. For the Purging of the Sheep. Laurel oil and excecizium made into a salve, and the body greased with it; Spanish fly, five cents; laurel oil, five cents; evorbium, five cents; lard one quart, and three-points of a knife full of salt. All of these mix cold and grease several days in succession.

    For a Rupture. For the Chicken Pox. A certain cure for this disease, to save the eyes of the children, take roots of rue and roots of sassafras, and suspend them from the child's neck. Michael identifies the main artist as that of a psalter made for Worcester diocese use, Oxford, Bodl. MS Lyell Empt. The subjects of the miniatures are:In the calendar:f. In the Anglo-Norman verse prayers: f.

    In the bas-de-page is Jerome writing, inspired by the dove of the Holy Spirit; on his book is scribbled 'Douz sire al comencement,' the beginning of the text above. In the right margin is a drawing of two hands holding a host labelled 'IHS'. In the Long Hours of the Holy Spirit:f. Below is a bas-de-page scene of God creating the animals, including a crowned lion, two stags, an ass, a pig, a unicorn, an elephant and castle, a horse and an ox. With an illuminated initial 'S' piritus in gold and colours. In the Long Hours of the Trinity:f. Beneath the border, the figure is identified as 'Ioram'.

    In the Hours of the Virgin:f. Solvite et adducite michi quia mag[iste]r hic opus abet. In the Short Office of the Cross:f. In the Penitential Psalms:f. Et il dit a eaux. In the Gradual Psalms:f. In the Litany of Saints:f. In the Anglo-Norman prose tale:f. In the Office of the Dead:f. Nightmoves Alex Delaware 33 : Jonathan Kellerman Look For Me Detective D. D Warren 9 : Lisa Gardner D Warren 9.

    Never Tell Detective D. D Warren 10 : Lisa Gardner Last edited by Polarpenguin; at AM. February Read 31 books. March Read 17 books. April Read 18 books. May Read 21 books. June Read 33 books.

    (PDF) Religion Medicine and Healing. An bahuhakysuke.tk | Robin M Wright - bahuhakysuke.tk

    July Read 17 books. August Read 17 books. September Read 10 books. October November December Last edited by library addict; at PM. The 19th book in the "Jack Reacher" series, and an enjoyable romp, as always. This one sees Reacher on the trail of an assassin targetting a meeting of the G20 in London.

    Wallace Budge. Part of my on-going and VERY long term! The Book of the Dead is a collection of ancient Egyptian funerary "spells" to provide the deceased person with the information required to safely navigate the perils of the underworld and reach the "Field of Reeds" - a heavenly analogue of Egypt - where he or she could spend eternity in an idyllic existence while other people did all the work.

    Fascinating, although definitely not a book to read from cover to cover in a single read. Next on the list is "The Penguin Book of Hebrew Verse", which will be something completely different and new to me. A collection of short stories set in the world of elves, bards, etc, encountered in her "Bedlam's Bard" and "Serrated Eges" series.

    Bought from Baen in , and very enjoyable. The 11th book in the "George Gently" series. This one has Gently investigating the murder of the owner of a boatyard on the Norfolk Broads. Enjoyable, as always. Highly recommended. Books This comprises the first third of the Baen "Conrad Starguard" omnibus that I bought in A very enjoyable time travel romp about a young engineer accidentally transported back to 13th century Poland, and his attempts to kick-start an early industrial revolution to hold off the Mongol invasion he knows will be coming in a few years' time.

    Extremely enjoyable. I'm now completely up-to-date with the Jack Reacher series, which I've very much enjoyed. This comprises the middle third of the Baen "Conrad Starguard" omnibus that I bought in , and continues the story of a young engineer accidentally transported back to 13th century Poland, and his attempts to kick-start an early industrial revolution to hold off the Mongol invasion he knows will be coming in a few years' time.

    His latest release. Set, as always, in the world of horse racing, this one features a "trouble shooter" hired by a wealthy Arab Sheikh to investigate the death of one of his best horses at a fire at a training stable in Newmarket. Excellent, and highly recommended. I actually borrowed this one from the library because the ebook is still too expensive. Doubtless the price will fall when the paperback is released later this year. This comprises the final third of the Baen "Conrad Starguard" omnibus that I bought in The first book of his that I've read, and a very enjoyable example of hard SF "space opera" on an epic scale.

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